Who are we ?

Be Who You Art connects multidisciplinary artistic teams with socially-responsible organizations. We pursue a dual objective: to help our partners promote the social causes they support through cultural events, and to increase promising artists’ public visibility.

A philosophy of life, a passion, a company; BWYA is an innovative structure based in Paris. We invest in social activism to develop a more equitable economy.

Our ambition: constantly improve the world around us.

Who are you ?

A socially-responsible organization

We provide you with the opportunity to co-organize an event during which visitors can make donations to your organization or even become a member. Our artists create unique pieces aimed at promoting your cause, thus giving you renewed visibility in the public’s eye. Throughout the event, we will set up different ways to collect funds, and we commit to using them to plan further social actions with your help.

An artist

We provide you with the opportunity to present your work during multidisciplinary exhibitions in support of various social causes. During these events, you will benefit from media coverage and will be given a sale space. We will also promote your work on our website. Together, we will optimize the distribution of the benefits generated by the sale of your artwork, thus dividing the funds collected between the organization of a post-event social action, Be Who You Art and yourself. Let’s create together to improve our society.

A visitor

Take part in cultural and multidisciplinary events, meet the artists we work with and support them. Become aware and gain an understanding of the social causes we defend, and take action—either by simply being a part of our project or by meeting social advocates. Become mindful of your purchases and reflect on them. Thanks to our transparent system, you will be able to know exactly where your money goes, and what proportion of the cost of the entrance tickets and artworks goes toward taking concrete actions in support of social activism.

How does it work ?

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L’ART SANS LETTRE is a campaign against Illiteracy launched by BE WHO YOU ART. This campaign rests upon 3 pillars to […]

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Exhibition L’ART WITHOUT LETTER – Espace Beaujon

Become illiterate and change the world! Our immersive exhibition against illiteracy welcomes you right in the heart of Paris and […]

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